DIGITAL ZEN – The luminous future generation

DIGITAL ZEN – The luminous future generation

Emily, 2018

My son donated 30 bitcoins to charities. Just recently that amounted to a “value” of 1.5 Million US$. He decided that he does not need it for his idea of future. Neither does anyone else. Singular possessive profit derived from void calculation at the distributed cost of all: the creation and consumption of data produces over 240000 premature deaths per year by air pollution, a lethal range very comparable to the current corrective corona crisis.

“We have mutated from collective to connective to corrective.”
infossil 2002

When I wrote a paper imagining peer-to-peer banking in 2006, I envisioned redistributing “wealth” per transaction to random accounts in order to reach worldwide possessive equilibrium in an assumed 10-year range.
Whoever invented bitcoin in 2008 rather reiterated and optimized dated human monolithic concepts like singular possession and the aesthetics of distributed burning: directly fuming natural resources without any in-between potentially useful product, service or future benefit.
The conversion of very old natural resources to deflated temporary energy with the temporary by-product of inflated virtual “value” of some kind.

Nobody needs this.