Q patti smith fire


in girum imus nocte
et consumimur igni


A fire of unknown origin took my baby away.
Fire of unknown origin took my baby away.
Swept her up and off my wavelength.
Swallowed her up like the ocean in a fire thick and gray.
Death comes sweeping thru the hallway like a ladies’ dress.
Death comes riding down the hallway in it’s sunday best.
Death comes driving; death comes creeping;
Death comes I can’t do nothing.
Death goes, there must be something that remains.
Death, it made me sick and crazy
‘Cause that fire took my baby away.

–Patti Smith – Fire Of Unknown Origin


we turn in the night
and are consumed by fire


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We are promoting research, innovation and knowledge transfer. Our association regards itself as an interdisciplinary network of futurists, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs.

image: DUST VR at Transport & Climate Change Week, Berlin, March 2020


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ever changing atlas to the
ever changing World

  • this interactive atlas is a product using state of the art technology such as AR, VR and data-driven overlays.
  • inspiring transformative world views such as the ones that Buckminster Fuller has formulated.
  • compose a new reality from the debris of fragmented world investigation
  • addressed to the 7th following generation



open home quote


The Open Home Project was founded overnight in Berlin, Germany on March 15, 2011 as an immediate response to the earthquake and arising nuclear disaster in Japan.


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“One thing that I’m really curious about though is how does this stuff get made? How did somebody get the money for all that equipment and the room etc. That room is in Omotesando which is one of the most expensive places in Tokyo. It seems like it would be really fun to contribute to something like that or maybe even to do it. Kind of like making some of the small things you’d see at a rave but that particular exhibit easily cost $50k to $100k in equipment alone. That doesn’t include labor, rent of the place that designed/built it, paying people to move it and set it up etc and of course the cost of the space itself. There were at least 3 people on staff to answer questions and the exhibit is free.”

The answer is:
dedication beyond the threshold of pain and disregard of quantites
as the loss of self is the only pain

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Q Mahmoūd Shabestarī

“Know that the whole world is a mirror,
in each atom are found a hundred blazing suns.
If you split the center of a single drop of water,
a hundred pure oceans spring forth.
If you examine each particle of dust,
a thousand Adams can be seen.
A universe lies hidden in a grain of millet.
everything is brought together at the point of the present.
From each point along that circle thousands of forms are drawn.
Each point, as it revolves in a circle,
is at times a circle, at others a turning circumference.”

–Mahmoūd Shabestarī (1288–1340)

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