“The most beautiful and horrifying Dymaxion map yet.”
David McConville, The Buckminster Fuller Institute

+b (ORBIT) shows Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion Map built from multiple layers of white industrial sugar cubes. Using sugar cubes as pixels emphasizes the intimate relationship between information, energy, resources and their resulting impact on society and nature.

+b stages the most extreme power released by humankind: the sequence of all nuclear explosions from 1945 until today, irreversibly transforming the atmosphere into the atomsphere, igniting the epoch after Trinity: the nuclear Anthropocene with it’s application and “mastery” of atomic processes.

Fuller’s map from 1943, somehow anticipating a new planetary environment through the transmutation of elements and minds, is the only flat representation of the entire surface of the Earth that reveals our planet as one continent in one ocean, without any obvious distortions of the shapes and sizes of the land areas, and without splitting any continents.

In times of peace, sugar is being used as a food source for humans and a potentially abundant regenerative source of energy for machines (ethanol). Energy may even become the primary product of sugar cane processing, rather than sugar itself.

Nevertheless, in times of war, sugar is the first item to be rationed as a building block for making conventional explosives. That being said, we should be happy as long as we are supplied with sugar, as it means that we are living in peace.

Since the year 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Fuller’s “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth” and the nuclear ambivalence has prominently resurfaced, we do believe that right now is the perfect time to foster aspects of humanity that serve as prerequisites for peace.

+b is an enhanced planetary icon, reinforcing the elements that unite humanity.

In logic and mathematics, “or” is the operator of disjunction. The logical connective that represents this operator is typically written as ∨ or +.

A “bit” is the maximum amount of information that can be conveyed by a binary digit. The symbol for binary digit is either simply bit or lowercase b.

An “orbit” is a path described by one body in its revolution about another (as by the earth about the sun or by an electron about an atomic nucleus), simply written +b.


created by
Michael Saup
Andrea Winter
Andreas Erhart

co-produced by
Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau e.V.

selected by
Ulf Langheinrich

Shuichi Fukazawa
David McConville, The Buckminster Fuller Institute

supported by
International Uranium Film Festival
Umweltbundesamt Dessau, Germany

with the help of
Li Alin
Nicole Pesant Méalin
Rosa-Lee Sendlinger
Nadine Bors
die wellenmaschine

Knut Bressgott
Laura & Emily Winter
Karolina Funk

special thanks
Endre Ketzel
Thomas Dumke &
the great team
at cynetart Dresden

filmed by
Acci Baba
Michael Saup