La luz en el agujero negro

A conversation with CChV/Bienal de Artes Mediales de Santiago de Chile El omnipresente mundo digital para Michael Saup, pareciera tener las condiciones de un sueño: un lugar dónde vivimos, sentimos, experimentamos y al cual volvemos todos los días, seamos o no conscientes de eso. Algo cómo la vida misma, pero con cualidades, reglas y capacidades […]

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new world map

Contiguous land Accept the challenge and employ a new world map that includes 100% of life on earth. The anthropocentric Dymaxion map, our grand inspiration, can not do that as it splits the oceans, which cover 70% of earth. An estimated 50-80% of all life on earth is found under the ocean surface and the […]

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Quote Patti Smith fire


in girum imus nocte
et consumimur igni


A fire of unknown origin took my baby away.
Fire of unknown origin took my baby away.
Swept her up and off my wavelength.
Swallowed her up like the ocean in a fire thick and gray.
Death comes sweeping thru the hallway like a ladies’ dress.
Death comes riding down the hallway in it’s sunday best.
Death comes driving; death comes creeping;
Death comes I can’t do nothing.
Death goes, there must be something that remains.
Death, it made me sick and crazy
‘Cause that fire took my baby away.

–Patti Smith – Fire Of Unknown Origin


we turn in the night
and are consumed by fire


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“Sometimes, it felt like the inner workings of the universe made visible. It revolved slowly, then grew in complexity until it seemed, in substance if not style, like a collaboration between da Vinci, Picasso and Stephen Hawking.”
Evening Post, New Zealand

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