Radioactive Gaga | 2008

Radioactive Gaga | 2008

The Oracle of the Nuclear Plexus

Radioactive goo goo.

Imagine yourself in the heart of the galaxy.
Extreme silence.

Did i really say silence?
Fragmented radio and television waves create a terrifying chaos of background noise!

The chain reaction of terrestrial culture and infossil contamination!
Let me explain.
Imagine yourself having a drink in the milkyway-bar.

Let us operate the universal jukebox and focus our antenna towards planet earth.
Can you hear the approaching waves of culture?

The waves of belief in expansion and expression?
Here it comes!
Listen to the signal of one radiostation from planet earth.
Quite entertaining, isn’t it?

Now listen to the signal of 2 radiostations.
Quite Avantgarde, isn’t it?

3 radiostations.
Even more Avantgarde, isn’t it?

5 radiostations.
all we hear  is radioactive gaga.

8 radiostations.
Radioactive goo goo.

13 radiostations.
Radioactive blah blah.

21 radiostations.
34 radiostations.
333 radiostations.
666 radiostations.
And finally 999 radiostations.

The expression of culture creates noise.
Terrifying evidence of noise.

We are currently creating almost everlasting cultural heritage.
A nuclear signature, to be shown in the universal gallery for the next 4.5 billion years.

We create the interstellar evidence of our presence,
spamming the universe for the sake of experiment and entertainment.
Culture has become universal.

Culture! Has! Become! Universal!
Universal contamination!

This is nukemother Anna Sayfa.