The Sorcerer and the Source | 2011

The Sorcerer and the Source | 2011

During my research on the probability of the Absolute, I met Johanson Johan Johan. It remains unclear when Johan was born. Some say he was depicted in the year 1888. He introduced me to the geigercounter, an instrument echoing the cosmic symphony of nuclear decay. I have the pleasure to present you his diaries:

august iii: i dream that i am frozen inside a monolith, an ocean of stone melting in time.

august vi: i am living in a forest, sending millions of equations towards the grid of forensic financial probability. the materialistic resonance of harvested energy. i encounter a singularity: the financial grid is connected to inverse nuclear motion.

december vii: a milky way night in swabia, germany. a frozen desert of ice. i wake up knowing that i will have to tattoo three dots forming a triangle onto the skin of my right hand.

march viii: i have found my target. i need to harvest a nuclear tree in the red forest next to the chernobyl nuclear reactor, a contaminated canvas painted with the invisible colors of nightmares.

april viii: i see a large bronze statue of shiva, dancing in a ring of fire. this shiva is located far from home in the town meyrin above the large hadron collider ring at cern. how did he get here to switzerland? wasn’t he supposed to have blue skin? i am going down. a very fast and smooth elevator. there i find the blue skin: on the collider body. i touch it with my right hand, the three dots are in contact with the void. it is cold. the mother machine has already served it’s purpose.

august viii: i have received a new object of wonder and desire, a geigercounter: an occult fetish of fear. it will help me to trace the light. light never worms. so strong it can reverse time. time, the destroyer of worlds.

september viii: kiev. casinos. gambling. a hallucination of luxor. archangels and golden glyphs of fortune: triples of 7: 777 written on the shiny facade of probability. i take a picture.

september viii: the chernobyl reactor block. 6.65 … 6.67. nothing in between. not much at all. science cannot measure evil. the geigercounter device may only work like an instrument in the hands of the poet.

september viii: fall. i transported the nuclear tree to montreal showing it in the financial district. a nuclear zen garden. red light from the future dividing our past. red shift. forgotten oracle. i send the image of casino 777 to cecile. they reboot the collider-ring in meyrin, geneva. the next day, the dow jones industrial index looses 777 points. a crash they say, rather it is a redistribution from the bottom to the top, a new pyramid. the amplified financial cascade is connected to the nuclear equation, the invisible side of the materialistic coin. another 1 dusts the bit as another 1 bites the dust. the devil is booting up the fin(anci)al bomb. i found the equation in the forest. parameters of paradise.

march ix: i see 3 dots arranged as a triangle. 3 quarks composing a proton traveling in the large hadron collider waiting to escape the loop. the 3 dots on my right hand are itching.

(almost unreadable)…paradise was an exclusion zone guarded by the archangels of the russian military, an alienated void inhabited by animals, angels and power plants. atom and geneve had left the zone. their fall-out sealed the zone forever. the forgotten apple started to rot. inside the rotting apple rested the core. still remaining in the garden: the forgotten tree, the tree of life: the tree of half-life: the nuclear treenity. between carbon and contamination. between fossil and infossil. interface between future and past. carrier of light replacing cultural compilation with cultural contamination. form fails to fragmentation, contamination contributes to culture. light never wormed, compressor of worlds, forbidden bit, forbitten bid. radiant fruit. o omnipresent, root of the treenity, we salute you…

august, year x: the forest fires of russia have reached the zone of chernobyl. nuclear trees are burning. radioactive particles are dancing again. cassandra. welcome light! let us bring the fire back. why is disaster always eating the poor?

september, year x: the html-universe of the social-machine in it’s today form was born at cern by a request of the never ending mother-machine. 10 years ago, i started to calculate the cost of energy for this final database. i finished the effort and found the price <tag>, the only information on the internet impossible to find. stone by stone i constructed a colossal black pyramid of coal and placed it in cairo next to it’s parental pyramids of giza. i lay down the first stone in berlin. a cube with a weight of 30 tons. a personal contribution to the 13th cycle. and we all know that 131313 / 13 / 13 equals 777. well, don’t we?

january, year xi: our father has built the house. we can leave the cave. cairo is burning. it is a revolution out of the blue. they say that the role of the internet in this process can not be overestimated. nofretete notre-fête. handing over the anar-key, opening locks that would never explode. without the social tran-sister-machine there would be no revolution. in the shadow of the black pyramid rests another precious surprise.