digital declaration by the infossil corrective | 2003

digital declaration by the infossil corrective | 2003

we have mutated from collective, connective to corrective.
let us correct you, before it is too late.

art is only good for entertaining the troops in times of crisis.

in times of peace, artists behave in affirmative manners.

artists are the weakest tribe, fighting their own shadows.

virtual art has the palest face of all.

digital art has only been understood by its chinese inventors and binary Mister Leibniz.

computers need so much energy for production and operation, that glaciers will melt.

software is a blindborn virus.

email is a timebomb.

all hardware is sin and will rot.

the internet spams so much fossil energy, that the sahara will reach your garden very soon.

dot means tod means death.

digital means finger.
you have 10 to operate 2 hands.
do something now.

media gives the deepest kisses.
save your children.
media kissing is soulsucking deep.

media is the antichrist.
don’t believe a word. the word is a whore.

unplug now and reverse this dream.
unplug now and reverse the stream.

nomads don’t die at home.
take your animals, children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents along.

trespass terror.

trespass terra.

enter terra.

terra arret.

published in HOW TO #1 ­ architecture, 2007 |

published in Sarai Reader 04: Crisis/Media, New Delhi, India, 2004 |
The Sarai Readers are annual anthologies of essays, critical writing and image-text assemblages around a given theme. They have brought together perspectives on media, technology, culture, politics and city life.