“Sometimes, it felt like the inner workings of the universe made visible. It revolved slowly, then grew in complexity until it seemed, in substance if not style, like a collaboration between da Vinci, Picasso and Stephen Hawking.”
Evening Post, New Zealand

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DUST | 2018-2020

Environmental Virtual Reality Data Triptych

“For dust we are and to data we will return.”
neogenesis 3.19

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ORBIS LUMEN | 2017-2019

The Light of the World – The Sugarcoat of Nuclear War

“The most beautiful and horrifying Dymaxion map yet.”
David McConville, The Buckminster Fuller Institute

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Nuclear Zen | 2017

documentary film about the Fukushima nuclear crisis
with Keibo Oiwa, Japanese author, activist & philosopher
20 min
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before the nuclear sunrise: entering the abyss of light

“Their magnum opus. It is spectacular and sublime.”
The Quietus

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Quote Mahmoūd Shabestarī

“Know that the whole world is a mirror,
in each atom are found a hundred blazing suns.
If you split the center of a single drop of water,
a hundred pure oceans spring forth.
If you examine each particle of dust,
a thousand Adams can be seen.
A universe lies hidden in a grain of millet.
everything is brought together at the point of the present.
From each point along that circle thousands of forms are drawn.
Each point, as it revolves in a circle,
is at times a circle, at others a turning circumference.”

–Mahmoūd Shabestarī (1288–1340)

This dream is for you
So pay the price
Make one dream come true
You only live twice

–John Barry / Leslie Bricusse (1967)

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