“Sometimes, it felt like the inner workings of the universe made visible. It revolved slowly, then grew in complexity until it seemed, in substance if not style, like a collaboration between da Vinci, Picasso and Stephen Hawking.”
Evening Post, New Zealand

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is a language from inner space
a view on carnivorous coronavirus
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Virtual Reality Data Triptych
“For dust we are and to data we will return.”
NucleoGenesis 3.19

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“The most beautiful and horrifying Dymaxion map yet.”
David McConville, The Buckminster Fuller Institute

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Nuclear Zen

documentary film about the Fukushima nuclear crisis
with Keibo Oiwa, Japanese author, activist & philosopher
20 min
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“Their magnum opus. It is spectacular and sublime.” The Quietus
entering the abyss of light
with Laibach
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“One thing that I’m really curious about though is how does this stuff get made? How did somebody get the money for all that equipment and the room etc. That room is in Omotesando which is one of the most expensive places in Tokyo. It seems like it would be really fun to contribute to something like that or maybe even to do it. Kind of like making some of the small things you’d see at a rave but that particular exhibit easily cost $50k to $100k in equipment alone. That doesn’t include labor, rent of the place that designed/built it, paying people to move it and set it up etc and of course the cost of the space itself. There were at least 3 people on staff to answer questions and the exhibit is free.”

The answer is:
dedication beyond the threshold of pain and disregard of quantites
as the loss of self is the only pain

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QUOTE binary democracy


The application and supposed mastery of time and information
is really the reiteration of the profound error inducing the shift
from digital society employing bits stored via electrons
to uniform society employing binary democracy via social machinery


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