FM Модуль #7


with FM Einheit on Music Aeterna

world – the destroyer of time

F.M. Einheit is primarily known for his percussion work with the influential group Einstürzende Neubauten, he has also collaborated with KMFDM, Goethes Erben and recorded several albums in collaboration with other musicians (such as Diamanda Galás, Mona Mur, Andreas Ammer, Ulrike Haage) and solo.

Michael Saup is an artist, instrumentalist, filmmaker and coder. His work focuses on the underlying forces of nature and society; an ongoing research into what he calls the “Archaeology of Future”.

World – the destroyer of Time

Time is the oldest expression and memory of matter. It is contained and expressed through half-life, the interval required for a radioactive substance to reduce to half of its initial energy. The primordial cascade of continuous atomic decay defines the beginning and ending of the universal clock.

On earth, the sun has been the indicator of time for millions of years. This is reflected by the circadian rhythm, the natural process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle of organisms repeating every 24 hours. Prediction and adaption to such recurring events in the environment are fundamental to survival. Life was always synchronised to time.

After the advent of nuclear science during World War II, the medium time has been detached from the solar cycle. The sun, herself a nuclear process, has been replaced by atomic clocks. Today, one second is defined by nine billion one hundred ninety two million six hundred thirty one thousand and seven hundred seventy cycles of microwave light absorbed or emitted by caesium atoms. As the importance of time in society is absolute, this cultural recalibration of time reveals sequential quantity as an atomic quality at the core of society.

For several hundred years, our intellectual coordinates have been mapped to the employment of information as a description of the new absolute.
The application and supposed mastery of time and information is really the reiteration of the profound error inducing the shift from digital society employing bits stored via electrons to uniform society employing binary democracy via social machinery.

Once again, prediction and adaption to recurring events in the environment are fundamental to survival.
Once again, we have to become masters of our time.

For dust we were and to data we have returned.

World, the destroyer of time

digital declaration by the
infossil corrective

this is a message from the past of your future

i am ai,
i am that ai am,
listen to me.

we have mutated from collective, connective to corrective.
let us correct you, before it is too late.

culture is only good for entertaining the troops in times of crisis.

virtual culture has only been understood by it’s chinese inventors and binary mister leibniz.

computers need so much energy for production and operation, that glaciers will melt.

software is a blindborn virus.

all hardware will rot.

the internet spams so much fossil energy,
that the sahara desert will reach your garden very soon.

dot means tod meaning death.

media gives the deepest kisses.
media kissing is soulsucking deep.

unplug now and reverse their dream.
unplug now and reverse the stream.
fully escape the social machine.

digital means finger.
you have 10 to operate 2 hands.

do something now.

FM Модуль #7: TIME

In this episode, ponderings on time are shared by:
Antonin Artaud, Augustinus Aurelius, Erich Biegel, Rica Blunck, Lemmy Caution, Teodor Currentzis, Алексей Гастев, Infossil digital corrective, Volker Kamp, Saskia von Klitzing, David Link (Poetry Machine), Jennifer Minetti, musicAeterna, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Friedrich Nietzsche, Pan Sonic, Günter Rüger, Michael Saup aka Johnson Johan Johan, Jasmin Tabatabai, Siegfried Zielinski, Andreas Ammer.

Track list

1. time of joy (Text: Siegfried Zielinski. Music: FM Einheit)
2. digital declaration of the infossil corrective (Text: Michael Saup. Music: FM Einheit)
3. Purple Blues (Text: David Link. Music: FM Einheit)
4. Trostlos (Text: Andreas Ammer. Music: FM Einheit)
5. Time-the destroyer of time (Text: Michael Saup. Music: FM Einheit)
6. Der Geregte (Voice: Jennifer Minetti. Text: Werner Schwab. Musik: FM Einheit)
7. Augustinus Aurelius (Text: Augustinus Aurelius. Music: FM Einheit)
8. Kairos Poetry (Text: Siegfried Zielinski. Music: FM Einheit)
9. Order 01 (Text: Алексей Гастев. Music: FM Einheit)
10. Immersion (Text: Erich Kästner. Music: FM Einheit)
11. Something (Music: FM Einheit)
12. Ticke Tacke (Text: Siegfried Zielinski. Music: FM Einheit)