Open Homes | 2011

We founded the Open Home Project together with friends overnight in Berlin, Germany on March 15, 2011 as an immediate response to the earthquake and arising nuclear disaster in Japan. There was an immediate response from 1000 hosts throughout the world offering living places for guests from Japan. A strong sign of international solidarity and humanity was shown. 27 guests from Japan have taken advantage of the offer, mostly women and children, some being pregnant.

It was very early clear to us, that it would not be sufficient to do a simple matching between guests and hosts. We knew that the people who were coming would all express special needs: schools, kindergartens, medical treatment, financial support, help with the visa, legal advice, flight tickets, questions concerning contamination and so on. The majority of our guests actually decided to start a new life in Germany beyond the 3 months that the tourist visa would grant.

Calls from Japan (fullscreen)

Offers from hosts around the World (fullscreen)

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