Code, Codecs & Codex

Code, Codecs & Codex

Photo by Petra Kapš

The 2011 Lecture tour with talks in Berlin, Gartow/Gorleben, Halle, Krems, Vienna and Ljubljana. More stations to be announced.

“From Code & Codecs to Codex: The Archeology of Future” is an artistic talk about the shift from the digital arts employing bits stored via electrons to the nuclear arts employing radiation released via atoms.

Paradigms of information society are being inversed by the discovery of our final cultural heritage: a large drawing with a nuclear pencil on the canvas of time, all successfully accomplished by only two generations. Therefore, the collective that became the connective faces the corrective.

“Radioactive traces will be the heritage to the next generations and not the cultural artifacts.”
Margit Rosen on Pulse8 by Michael Saup, 1992