State of Flux

»A true state of flux, where electric sheep
are dreaming tangerine dreams.«

»Music for imaginary films!«
Karl Bartos (Ex-Kraftwerk)

Isotopic supersaturated nature. I clearly remember that day. It reminded me of outer space. Pulsating ripples of energy painfully addressing skin, liver & kidneys. Chernobyl was a warm hum in comparison.
Has our underwater world become so terrifying, that some of us wish to escape the contaminated underworld waters? The bad news is, that exactly this already happened once before and there is no more land in sight. And outer space is merely an option for cowards. The nuclear circle is complete. Acknowledge the transformation of the atmosphere into the atomsphere and sacrifice it atom by atom. It is time to awake from hibernation, transmutation & the social machine.
Our video with LA based film composer Julian DeMarre introducing zen monk Seigaku.