TH-232 at RΛE Berlin

TH-232 at RΛE Berlin


After Liverpool and the Azores in Berlin: TH-232 in virtual reality.





Images: Michael Saup, Li Alin and Anton Newcombe
Audio: Anton Newcombe from Brian Jonestown Massacre & Michael Saup
Animations: Michael Saup
Virtual environment: Stanislav Glazov
Co-produced by Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia, Recombinant Media Labs &

Presented by
THORIUM-232, a virtual music clip, is a release featuring a dedicated track by neo-psychedelic rock legend Anton Newcombe from “The Brian Jonestown Massacre”.

Presented by Real Art Estate (RAE)
Real Art Estate is a group of artists, patrons, public institutions and companies acknowledging the issues of gentrification and knowledge. The RAE space for contemporary arts will present a VR event every month.