Sonic Shadows | 1991

Sonic Shadows | 1991

data-tableau with data fossils, C, 1991

Michael Saup, 1991/93, Institut für Neue Medien - Städelschule Frankfurt am Main.

The inherent energy and memory within sound were harnessed to breathe life into data based forms of digital matter, creating what are termed “data fossils.” These objects offer glimpses into various temporal windows of the energy flow, serving as tangible imprints of the origins of human energy, all rooted in the potentials of former life.

Displayed within these objects are distinct temporal snapshots of a data animation meticulously programmed in C, activated exclusively by sound. The once resonant energy orchestrating this animation has been muted, leaving behind a sonic shadow that beckons contemplation.

The texture of the installation symbolically mirrors ants, a motif also employed in the triptych framing of my installation PULSE8. The accompanying video box boldly declares its purpose as a “data-tableau for fossil fine ants.”

This artistic creation is part of the broader exploration within the cycle “Interfacing Audio and Images,” spanning the years 1990 to 1994 at the intersection of sound, imagery and the digital realm, offering a unique exploration of time, memory, and the evolution of human energy.