“Their magnum opus. It is spectacular and sublime.”
The Quietus

Being part of Laibach’s latest release “Also Sprach Zarathustra” and Saup’s cycle “1001 SUNS“, “VOR SONNEN-AUFGANG” sets the stage for the last days of Earth’s untouched atmosphere.

Filmed on the “Day of the Sun”, a public holiday in nuclear North Korea, where Laibach became the first-ever Western rock group to perform, Nietzsche’s expectation of the “abyss of light” is put into new enigmatic context, where humankind, through the application and “mastery” of atomic processes, begins to create a new planetary environment through the transmutation of elements and minds:
the epoch of the nuclear Übermensch breeded in the Untergrund cave, where Werner Heisenberg and his colleagues created humankind’s first-ever cave painting with radioisotopes on the canvas of time. Time, the destroyer of worlds, that froze in the land of the rising sun on an early summer morning.

In early 1945, Werner Heisenberg’s nuclear reactor experiment B8 in the plutonic cave of Haigerloch in Germany ignites a symbolic setup: 664 uranium cubes on chains longing for criticality while hovering over the reactor pool filled with heavy water.
Right above the reactor, on top of the cave’s rock rests a church: as it turns out, the son of god on the cross is hovering over the heavy waters from the reactor pool right below, a transmutation of the Bible’s Book of Genesis, where the spirit of god is hovering over the waters.

The name of the church is Trinity, just like the name of the first atmospheric atomic bomb, that detonated a few months later in New Mexico in an effort to supersede Heisenberg’s effort believing whoever had the bomb first would win the war; as a final result irreversibly transforming the atmosphere into the atomsphere.


Oh Himmel über mir, du Reiner! Tiefer! Tiefer!
Du Licht-Abgrund!
Du bist meine Reinheit,
Mein Glück vor Sonnen-Aufgang
Du bist meine Höhe
Oh Himmel über mir
Du Schamhafter!

Hier kommt die Sonne, die Sonne hell

Oh Himmel in der Nacht, du Feiner, Tiefer! Höher!
Ich weiss es schon
Du willst mich los sein;
Schon kommt die Morgendämmerung
Du bist meine Freiheit
Oh Himmel über mir
Du, Verschwinder

Hier kommt die Sonne, die Sonne hell
Hier kommt die Sonne, die Sonne hell
Die Sonne hell

Перед восходом солнца (перевод Сергей Есенин)
О небо надо мной, Чистое!
Глубокое! Глубокое!
Ты бездна света!
Ты моя чистота,
Моё счастье перед восходом солнца.
Ты моя высота.
О небо надо мной, Стыдливое!
Вот восходит солнце,
Солнце яркое О ночное небо,
Изящное! Глубокое! Высокое!
Я уже знаю это.
Ты хочешь избавиться от меня,
Уже занимается заря.
Ты моя свобода.
О небо надо мной, Исчезающее!
Вот восходит солнце,
Солнце яркое

Oh sky above me
You pure
Deeper, deeper
You light-abyss
You are my purity
My happiness before sunrise
You are my apex
Oh heaven above me
You modest one
Here comes the sun
The bright sun
Oh night-sky
You fine one
Deeper, higher
I already know it
You want to get rid of me
Morning dawn already comes
You are my freedom
Oh sky above me
You squanderer
Here comes the sun
The bright Sun
Here comes the sun
The bright sun
The sun

Video directed by MICHAEL SAUP
Co-produced by TRAMAL FILMS, Ljubljana
Green screen filming by ANTITALENT, Zagreb

Special thanks

released on Mute records on 14 July 2017


“Эта песня боженьке.”
Hypofig Strange