“Sometimes, it felt like the inner workings of the universe made visible. It revolved slowly, then grew in complexity until it seemed, in substance if not style, like a collaboration between da Vinci, Picasso and Stephen Hawking.”
Evening Post, New Zealand

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1000 silicon eyes
Shanghai Power Station of Art
2023.12.15 – 2023.12.21

“For dust we are and to data we shall return.”
#319, 4 DUST VR, the microscopic apocalypse

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ORBIS LUMEN | 2017-2019

The Light of the World – The Sugarcoat of Nuclear War

A world map built from white sugar cubes serves as a global canvas documenting the chronological history of nuclear detonations. This work provokes profound reactions and reflections on our technological advancements, their consequences and the impending threat of nuclear warfare and omnicide, the annihilation of all life forms, including humanity.

Nuclear Zen | 2017

documentary film about the Fukushima nuclear crisis
with Keibo Oiwa, Japanese author, activist & philosopher
20 min

“Finding a positive thing in a very negative picture is the most difficult, most challenging type of criticism.” Keibo Oiwa

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before the nuclear sunrise: the abyss of light
a short film by Michael and Laibach

“Their magnum opus. It is spectacular and sublime.”

The Quietus
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AVATAR | 2010

Saup, on the other hand, with his monumental sculpture “Avatar Incarnation cRdxXPV9GNQ” depicts the daily consumption of energy by the seemingly clean Internet so strikingly and impressively “that it will blow every visitor away and is guaranteed to make them think.”

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