AVATAR | 2010

Saup, on the other hand, with his monumental sculpture “Avatar Incarnation cRdxXPV9GNQ” depicts the daily consumption of energy by the seemingly clean Internet so strikingly and impressively “that it will blow every visitor away and is guaranteed to make them think.”

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AVATAR | 2010

Avatar introduces the avatar of Hollywood’s “Avatar” online YouTube-trailer. A massive body of coal equivalent to the energy used to serve, transmit and view the trailer 1 million times over the Internet.

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infossil – AD VITAM | 2002

A Conversation between Peter Weibel and Michael Saup, Karlsruhe, 2002

“When people disappear, new systems and ideas can emerge. But i’m not fighting for death, i’m trying to limit it: we humans participate in this evolution for such a short time that we can’t even observe it. there’s a huge play being played on stage and we don’t see any of it. That’s why I would like us to be able to extend this tiny window, these eighty years, a little. So that I can understand a little more of this play.”

Peter Weibel, Karlsruhe, 2002

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“One thing that I’m really curious about though is how does this stuff get made? How did somebody get the money for all that equipment and the room etc. That room is in Omotesando which is one of the most expensive places in Tokyo. It seems like it would be really fun to contribute to […]

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