Anthropy 201

태양절 – “remember sunday”
ANTHROPY is a predictive setup employing irrational logic, artificial intelligence, agnostic analysis and virtual reality.
By increasing the cognitive signal-to-noise ratio, distilling a million news sources and applying irrational intelligence we seek to bend and break what seems to be hardwired and rooted in our deepest memories of the future: the manifestation of self-fulfilling dystopia.
Version 201 is focusing on predictions concerning the noosphere, where humankind, through the application and ‘mastery’ of nuclear processes, begins to create a new planetary environment through the transmutation of elements and minds: the atomsphere.

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Nuclear Zen

Contemplating the nuclear oceanic spill taking place in Japan, I decided to release anthropologist, bestselling author and environmental activist Keibo Oiwa’s contemplation on nuclear culture right here right now. Please share.
Music by FM Einheit, Mona Mur & En Esch.

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State of Flux

»A true state of flux, where electric sheep are dreaming tangerine dreams.« (Laibach)

»Music for imaginary films!« Karl Bartos (Ex-Kraftwerk)

Isotopic supersaturated nature. I clearly remember that day. It reminded me of outer space. Pulsating ripples of energy painfully addressing skin, liver & kidneys. Chernobyl was a warm hum in comparison.
Has our underwater world become so terrifying, that some of us wish to escape the contaminated underworld waters? The bad news is, that exactly this already happened once before and there is no more land in sight. And outer space is merely an option for cowards. The nuclear circle is complete. Acknowledge the transformation of the atmosphere into the atomsphere and sacrifice it. Atom by atom, grain by grain. It is time to awake from hibernation, transmutation & the social machine.
Our video with LA based film composer Julian DeMarre introducing zen monk Seigaku.

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Exhibition in Tokyo

ヒトは太古より、自然と闘いながら生きてきた。やがて天の 、星を仰ぎ、時間と地上で繰り返される季節の法則を理解し 安定した日々を手に入れた。知識は生きるための武器とな り、争いを鎮め、共生を可能にした。人類は原子力エネル 、ギーを手にし、その有用性と安全をとなえた。そして昨年 その呪縛から目覚めるための警笛は鳴り響いた。日本のみ ならず、全世界に。鋭い感性と表現の手段を持つ日独のアー ティストの作品に触れ、彼らと共に水の星地球と私たちの 。

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The Archeology of Future

A lecture by Michael Saup on May 18th 2012, 19:00 – 21:00 at bun-mei, Tokyo Mostly German language with Japanese translation. Ein Vortrag von Michael Saup am 18. Mai 2012 bei bun-mei (Zivilisation), Tokio ミヒャエル・ザウプ 「1001 SUNS – The Archeology of Future(1001の太陽–未来の考古学)」 Date: May 18 (friday) 19:00-21:00 (JST) Location: Iidabashi Bunmei, Tokyo Host: Yukiko […]

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